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Experience presence and connection to your body and breath.

Learn authentic Tantra techniques for relaxing into and controlling sexual energy.

 Practice the art of active surrender and receiving.

Bringing presence into sexuality to enrich, enliven, and heal.

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What people are saying about Prairie Lotus Tantra

"My Tantra massage therapy sessions with Jasmine were wonderful and very helpful. The different breathing techniques she taught me were easy to understand and do, and by synchronizing my breathing with hers on the inhale and exhale during the massage I reached a beautiful, meditative, dream-like state of relaxation. For me, synchronizing our breathing and hearing her voice and following her guidance was always key during the four sessions that I worked with her. It’s difficult to describe and I think you almost have to experience it yourself, but during the massage Jasmine showed me how to feel the energy in different parts of my body and how to sort of control/move it around as needed. And I learned I was actually capable of having several orgasms in an hour without losing energy. That still blows my mind - who knew! Anyway, Jasmine gave me techniques to practice and explore by myself and with my partner that have really helped me last a lot longer. I’m very grateful for that and so is my partner. She is a beautiful person, completely grounded and she doesn’t judge – she cares and she helps you. What also stands out for me is her wisdom, lovely voice and serenity - and the kindness she showed me. I left each session in a state of spiritual and physical bliss, almost floating as I walked. I'm going back for three more sessions in about a month."

- JT  Winnipeg, Manitoba

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